Tribute to SHART

Art lovers once again admire Shart’s works exhibited in the late artist’s birthplace.
“I deeply regret that I got to know Shart late,” said Lebanese Minister of Culture Gaby Layoun at the opening of the exhibition of the late Shart’s works held at the Hamazkayin Lucy Tutunjian Art Gallery, on March 1, 2012. 

“I am proud that such a renowned painter was Lebanese. It is obvious from the displayed paintings that Shart had a great mastery of reproducing human experiences and emotions. We can say that, equally to nature, humanity had been a key interest of his work,” added the Minister.

The opening of the exhibition held in honor of Shart took place in the presence of ministers, high-ranking figures, admirers of Shart’s artwork, and the two special guests of the evening, Raffy and Patrick Sharts, the sons of the great artist who came from Paris and London to be present at the event.

Shart’s sons had prepared a letter addressed to all those who have valued Shart’s art throughout the years, thanks to whom Shart has received his well-deserved place in the art scene of his birthplace, as well as to all those who organized this exhibition in his honor. They asked Raffy Shart’s wife, Marie-Thérèse, to read the letter, as they said it would have been emotionally very difficult to read it themselves.

In her speech, Ms. Sylvia Ajemian, director of the Sursock Museum and a member of the Hamazkayin Lucy Tutunjian Art Gallery’s committee, said that the exhibited works demonstrate the trajectory of Shart’s career. “This exhibition reminds us of Shart’s different exhibitions held decades ago in Lebanon, where the artist was born. Technical details, colors, and messages are harmoniously integrated in his paintings. Shart’s works are found in Lebanese collections, while at the same time he remains one of the best representatives of École de Paris,” said Ajemian. She considered Shart as one of the most important contemporary representatives of figurative art, adding that this is obvious in his oil paintings, watercolor paintings, and pencil drawings.

“Despite our busy schedules, we decided to come here for the exhibition. And we finally understood why Lebanon was a special place for our father,” said Patrick Shart. “Although he was renowned in Paris, he never forgot Beirut. Until his last day, he believed that one day he would come back here and display his works. This exhibition is in a way the realization of his dream,” he added. 

Patrick Shart, who is also a painter, acknowledged that he has inherited his talent from his father. He now works in the sphere of show business as a producer, collaborating with big music and theater companies. Raffy Shart is a director; he is the co-writer of the well-known comedy My Wife’s Name Is Maurice.


At the end of the exhibition opening, Shart’s sons received a souvenir-plaque on behalf of the Hamazkayin Lucy Tutunjian Art Gallery.

Mr. Hagop Havatian, director of the Hamazkayin Lucy Tutunjian Art Gallery, announced that besides this exhibition, Hamazkayin has also planned another initiative to pay tribute to Shart’s legacy. The Hamazkayin Lucy Tutunjian Art Gallery will be hosting the first posthumous exhibition-sale of Shart’s personal collection (the date will be announced in the near future). The event will feature some of the renowned artist’s oil paintings that have not been exhibited before.


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Համազգայինի “Լիւսի Թիւթիւնճեան” Ցուցասրահ. “Շարթ, Ինչ Որ Կ՛Ընէր, Համոզումով Կ՛Ընէր”

March 1, 2012 @ 07:30
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