Syrian & Iraqi Art at the Hamazkayin Art Gallery

​Under the patronage of Mr. and Mrs. Souren & Sonia Sarkissian, a collection of Syrian and Iraqi artwork has found refuge at the Hamazkayin Lucy Tutunjian Art Gallery during this month of May of 2016.

The exhibition features artworks by painters Hammoud Chantout, Salam Omar, Mahmoud Shubbar, and Sculptor Orouba Deeb.

The opening ceremony took place on May 12, 2016 in the presence of Armenian Orthodox Prelate of Lebanon Bishop Shahe Panossian and many art-lovers.

Mahmoud Shubbar

During the ceremony, Iraqi painter, Mahmoud Shubbar, said that his artwork conveys a message of love and peace highlighting the importance of these principles. His artworks such as “Falling Idol”, “After the Dream”, “Cold City” are notebly painted in gray and dark shades representing the same scene in various time periods.

Orouba Deeb

Syrian sculptor, Orouba Deeb, explained that she uses bronze to capture the heartaches of wartime.  Her “Faces” piece shows these emotions; various faces unable to control their expressions and unwillingly reflecting anxiety.

Salam Omar

Through an anecdote, Iraqi artist, Salam Omar, reflected upon the sad fact that tragic faces have become “normal” for the Iraqi people and that is a tragedy in itself. This tragedy shows in Omar’s work in which he uses mixed media to create layers that form one artwork; a piece that vividly depicts the transformation on a city as a result of war.


Syrian artist, Hammoud Chantout, said that he tries to represent the whole universe in a tree; the tree is a representation of a mother, of safety, of care. It is also the central theme of the artist’s life and his art. Chantout usually uses light colors to depict images from his homeland. “Our home in Hama”, “House of Maaloula”, “Arab Home”, and “The Holy House” represent another prominent theme in his work, the house with all of its significances.

Mr. & Mrs. Sarkissian

All four artists thanked the Art Gallery staff for hosting them.

Patron of the event, Mr. Souren Sarkissian, thanked the Hamazkayin Art Gallery staff for gathering artists from various cultures under one roof and gave us the opportunity to meet them and their art.

The exhibition continues until May 28, 2016 every day from 9:30 AM until 6:30 PM.

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Hamazkayin “Lucy Tutunjian” Art Gallery

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