Haroutyun HAKOBIAN

“Windows of a Positive Replenishment” – Haroutyun HAKOBIAN

Thank you all for making the opening ceremony of this exhibition a success. Hope to see you all visit the Art Gallery and enjoy these vibrant 29 paintings which are rich in color and light reflecting positive vibes and peaceful inspiration by native Armenian artist Haroutyun HAKOBIAN.

Posted by Hamazkayin “Lucy Tutunjian” Art Gallery on Sunday, October 18, 2015

​After the summer break, the Hamazkayin Art Gallery happily reopened its doors and welcomed the art loving community to enjoy a special exhibition featuring 29 artworks rich in color and light reflecting positive vibes and peaceful inspiration by native Armenian artist Haroutyun HAKOBIAN.

On the evening of October 15th, 2015, the Art Gallery welcomed a number of guests and art-lovers including MP Hagop Pakradounian and Armenia’s Ambassador in Lebanon Ashot Kocharyan who came to attend the launch of artist Hakobian’s exhibition; an event sponsored by Saltek sal.

Ms Suzy Derderian introduced the artist. Hakobian, she said, lives in his Native Armenia and possesses an inner world enriched by the nature and culture of the motherland which is interpreted into his artwork.

​Derderian also mentioned that Artist Haroutyoun Nigolian has contributed in the past in introducing the works of Hakobian to the Lebanese art loving community.
Finally, she thanked the Salkhanian brothers of the Saltek establishment for their continuous support of the activities of Hamazkayin.

“Accept my paintings as small windows of a positive replenishment…”

Dr. Movses Hergelian spoke about the artist with praise. He confessed that Hakobian was one of his favorite artists from the generation of artists who arose at the time of the downfall of the Soviet Union and the time of the second Independence of the Republic of Armenia.

He added that at that time a group of artists who have never met, suddenly started to create following the guidance of their intuition. Absurdity was the common denominator of their work. This group of artists continue today to introduce Armenian art to the whole wide world.

Hakobian has become remarkably fluent with the use of colors and lines. He creates magic with his marvelous combinations of colors, points and lines. His semi-abstract work is an interpretation conveyed through his inner self.

Haroutyun Hakobyan’s artworks speak to the mind and the soul. They reflect sincerity of the artist springing from deep within his being. They echo beauty, they brighten our inner world, and they point us to the human situation and whisper human emotions into our intellect. We feel relaxed and filled with beauty.

Finally, Hergelian congratulated the artist and thanked the Hamazkayin Art Gallery for organizing such superb exhibitions of international standards.

“Accept my paintings as small windows of a positive replenishment which may give you some relaxation when you look at after a day of laborious work. If you look at them for ten minute and feel rested, I will consider that my work is done.”

He also thanked the Hamazkayin Lucy Tutunjian Art Gallery for organizing such a successful exhibition.

Hakobian’s work will continue to adorn the walls of the Hamazkayin Art Gallery till October 30th 2015 every day except Sundays from 9:30 am till 6:30 pm.

October 15, 2015 @ 07:30
7:30 am — 7:30 am ()

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