Beirut Art Fair 2016

From 15 September until the 18th, Biel hosted the 7th edition of the Beirut Art Fair. Among the 45 participating Galleries, the Hamazkayin “Lucy Tutunjian” Art Gallery took part once again with the works of Lebanese Armenian artists Missak Terzian and Arthur K. as well as Syrian artist Hammoud Chantout.

Missak Terzian


Lebanese-American, born 1949 in Beirut to Armenian Genocide survivors.

Semi-abstract figurative expressionist contemporary painter, Missak Terzian studied at Ecole d’Art Guvder in 1968 and graduated from London College of Printing in 1971.

He held his first major art exhibition in 1984. Since then, the artist has participated in more than a hundred individual and collective exhibitions worldwide.

Terzian participated with the following artworks:

  1. Odalisque (fisher) – 2016 – Acrylic on Canvas – 100×130 cm
  2. Trio Champêtre – 2016 – Acrylic on Canvas – 120×180 cm
  3. Le Temps des Mimosas – 2016 – Acrylic on Canvas – 94×74 cm


Arthur K.


Arthur K. is a contemporary Lebanese-Armenian self-made painter.

Born in 1945, he is a doctor by profession, as well as a poet and an essayist. His works combine historical themes with complex psychological subjects reflecting symbols of Phoenician, Sumerian, Mati and Urartu (Assyrian) art.

Arthur K. adopts spiritual themes in painting cultural symbols with a personal touch that expresses a kind of abstraction of our feelings towards the history of mankind.

Arthur K. participated with artworks from his “Golden Houses” Collection including:

  • Beit Mary
  • Dhour El Choueir
  • Ehden


Hammoud Chantout


Hammoud Chantout was born in 1956 in Aleppo.

Hammoud is a totally unique case in Syria plastic art and is an example of absolute sincerity towards art. He devotes all his spiritual power towards it, all of the time. Exhausting for most people, but for one who made hard choices in a hostile environment like him, it is a salvation. (which is the destiny of those who have talent).

Hammoud as a man cannot be separated from him as an artist. His paintings received an exceptional welcome by audiences, critics, great artists and teachers, for his unique and special colors, poetic subjects and their possibility for literary interpretation.

Chantout participated with the following artworks:

  • Sisters
  • Our Home in Hama
  • The Angel and The Tree
  • The Red Chair and Orange Tree


“Beirut Art Fair” exhibition continues until Sunday, September 18, 2016, every day from 3:30pm till 9:00pm.

September 15, 2016 @ 07:30
7:30 am — 7:30 am ()

Hamazkayin “Lucy Tutunjian” Art Gallery

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