RoseVart Sisserian Watercolor

On Thursday, 29 September 2016, The Hamazkayin “Lucy Tutunjian” Art Gallery welcomed family, friends, and admirers of late artist Rosevart Sisserian who had come to honor the benevolent artist and her artwork.

The opening ceremony of Rosevart’s watercolor paintings turned into a tribute in her honor. The exhibition, which was planned before her death, was sponsored by the Prelate of the Armenian Diocese in Lebanon Bishop Shahe Panossian. The profit of the exhibition will be donated to the Hi-Son Project of The Armenian Prelacy of Lebanon.

46 colorful watercolor paintings full of love filled the Hamazkayin Art Gallery with the scent and spirit of RoseVart.​

The speakers at this event all spoke about her merits and virtues.

Mr. Hagop Havatian, Art Gallery director
RoseVart’s life was full of charity. Through her work, she spread love, support, compassion, and joy and become a respected and beloved person in her community.

​Sisserian had valued the Armenian culture and in many projects supported the activities of the great family of Hamazkayin.

​Mireille Goguikian, Painter

“RoseVart Sisserian spared no effort to teach and train her students as best as possible. She encouraged novice painters, guided them and morally supported them. Thanks to her, I joined The Hamazkayin “Toros Roslin” Family as a teacher.
RoseVart Sisserian taught me to be a poet and dance through colors.”

​Silva Sisserian Minassian, Sisserian’s daughter

“Colors were our mother’s life. With colors, she sowed happiness and love in everyone. From her, we learned to love work. “

​Zaven Hadichian, Sculptor

In a short period, RoseVart had perfected her studies, achieved fame, and made herself a respectable name.

​Bishop Shahe Panossian, Prelate of the Armenian Diocese in Lebanon
RoseVart Sisserian desired to help the needy students to continue their studies. She achieved that through her work, and this exhibition is a testimony to respecting those desires.

Her paintings make us smile; they bring joy to all. Her memories and artistic gifts fill the lives of her family and acquaintances with love.
The exhibition remains open until October 8, 2016.

The Hamazkayin Art Gallery is open every day except Sundays from 9:30am until 6:30 pm.

September 29, 2016 @ 07:30
7:30 am — 7:30 am ()

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